Pool and Spa Inspections

Pool and Spa Inspections

Keep your pool sparkling clean for years to come in Chandler, AZ

Pool/spa inspections are now required along with the Home Inspection when applicable. The Arizona Board of Technical Registration has created "The Standards of Professional Practice for the Inspector of Swimming Pools & Spas" which we adhere to.

Benefits of having your Chandler, AZ pool inspected by Taylor Made Inspection Service, PLLC:

  • Find out what type of equipment you have and how it all works.
  • Get an idea of how well your pool equipment performs.
  • Learn about your supply/return lines and what each valve does. Also, learn how to maintain and run the pump/filters/heaters and all components.

Another great reason to get this done is for your free membership with RecallChek! Your pool inspection will come with this detailed report containing digital images and info about all the vital appliances that operate your pool safely. RecallChek is normally a one time fee of $29.95, why not buy a $50 pool inspection and get it for free!

Contact Taylor Made Inspection Service, PLLC today to schedule an inspection of your Chandler, AZ pool.