Each and every Inspection performed by Taylor Made Inspection comes with a complimentary 90 Day warranty!

Each inspection performed by Taylor Made Inspection Service comes with a complimentary 90 Day Warranty! Adding even more value to your Home Inspection! This warranty covers both mechanical and structural issues that arise that simply cannot be avoided. If we report a specific item as in working order at the inspection, and that items fails in the next 90 days, you are covered!

Your Home Inspector does their absolute best to get as much information as they can at the inspection. However appliances and crucial structural elements fail. It is a matter of WHEN, and not IF. Choose Taylor Made and help avoid those unwanted headaches! Click the logo in the upper left for a sample copy of the 90 Day Warranty.

If you plan on purchasing any other 1 or 2 year term Home Warranty Protection plan, that is great and we applaud your choice to be even more protected. There will be no interferences from our free 90 day warranty. It can even help SAVE you money; if your purchased warranty requires a deductible for any claims you are making, and they happen to be within 90 days of your Home Inspection, our warranty will cover the deductible costs!* Even more reason to choose Taylor Made Inspection Service!

Real Estate Pros, ask about our 120 Day Warranty on Pre-Sale Inspections!

Also at NO CHARGE, we offer a 120 Day Warranty on all Pre-Sale Inspections. THIS WARRANTY IS TRANSFERABLE TO THE BUYER! A great tool to help attract great attention to all your listings! Just place yourself in the buyer's shoes, not only is the inspection completed, I get a free warranty?! The warranty expires 120 days after the date of the home inspection. If the home sells before then, the buyer is able to utilize the remaining time left on the warranty!

Same restrictions apply to the 90 Day Inspection for Home Buyers. Click the 90 Day Warranty logo above for all of the details.

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*Restrictions apply, see warranty sample for details